My Commitments to You

As your new MP, I will be active, impactful and approachable. I’ll continue to be out knocking on doors and listening, as well as holding MP advice surgeries and wider community events.

To give you a sense of who I am, what I stand for, and what you can always expect from me, I’ve set out 3 personal commitments.

Living and Working Locally

I live in Stoke Gifford, in the heart of our constituency. I will have a visible and accessible office in the constituency and continue to be active on the doorstep. A representative should be at the heart of the community.

Listening to You

In addition to holding regular MP surgeries, I will bring local people and organisations together to discuss and shape the change our community needs. These will include “Coffees with Claire”, “Pub Politics” and community roundtables on issues that matter to us locally.

Being a Full-time and Focused MP

You deserve a full-time representative. I will not hold any other jobs.

Questions for Claire? Want to volunteer?

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