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I’m a proven and passionate campaigner and changemaker.

For 15 years, I’ve brought people together to shape and achieve change that they believe in - locally, nationally and internationally.

I felt the benefits of a Labour Government growing up. Under the Tories, our small classroom had 37 of us crammed in it. Labour changed this – and it was easier to learn. 

It was as an activist with the Make Poverty History Campaign back in 2005 that I saw politics and the Labour Party for what it can be at its best – an unparalleled force for good.

Being part of a movement of thousands of people calling for change, and seeing our Labour Government act to save and improve lives and life chances, showed me what’s possible when people power meets political power. That’s when I started knocking on doors and listening to people with Labour.

My Commitments to You

It’s important to me that I earn your trust, as well as your vote. I’m hoping to talk with you very soon to hear what matters to you.

In the meantime, to give you a sense of who I am, what I stand for, and what you can always expect from me, I’ve set out 3 personal commitments:

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